John Hancock letter to introduce Edward Crafts to be appointed as head of a company

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[AMERICAN REVOLUTION] -- John HANCOCK (1736 - 1793) and Joseph WARREN (1741 - 1775). Franking autograph of Hancock on cover leaf addressed to Joseph Warren at the Committee of Safety in the days after the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

[Worcester: April 24 1775].. Signed "John Hancock" and addressed in Hancock's hand. Docketed (possibly in Warren's hand) at upper left "26 April 1775". 

The letter is most likely one written on the 24th of April, in which Hancock introduces Edward Crafts, so that "he may be appointed to the head of a company" and Nathaniel Nazro, who "is desirous of being noticed in the army." Crafts had marched as a Minuteman under Benjamin Flagg after the Lexington Alarm and commanded a company at Bunker Hill. In another letter also addressed to Warren at the Committee of Safety from Hancock dated 26 April 1775 mentions Crafts as "a good man, and one on whom you may depend." Nazro would serve in three Massachusetts regiments and was captured in 1781 and confined in Mill Prison. Warren was killed at Bunker Hill.